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September 23, 2019

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Walking Club of Bermuda FAQ's

1) Where is the starting location?
Walkers meet at the main parking area for the location listed.

2) Does the walk start promptly at 7 am?
We gather at 7 am. Most walks depart the starting point by 7:15 and usually return to that location by 9:00 am

3) Do I need to be especially fit?
The walks are suitable for different fitness levels and everyone walks at their own pace. There are cut off points to shorten the route for those who find 6-7 miles too long.

4) Do I need to be a member?
You do not need to be a member to walk with the Walking Club of Bermuda. If you find you would like to join us regularly, your support is appreciated. Membership dues are $20 per year. Donations are always appreciated to offset the cost of refreshments and if you walk with us regularly we recommend a $5 per month donation towards purchase of refreshments.

5) Is this a cultural tour?
No, the Walking Club of Bermuda is an exercise club and not a walking historical or cultural tour of the island. Many Walking Club members have unique knowledge about Bermuda and you may learn a thing or two depending on who you walk along with!

6) Are there refreshments?
Water and juices are available at the end of the walk. There are no stops along the route for water, so we suggest you bring along a sports bottle.

7) What should I wear?
Bermuda weather is unpredictable. You may want to wear layers depending on the forcast and the temperature. Good walking or running shoes are recommended for footwear.

8) Are Walking Club logo T-shirts etc. available?
Yes - see the Logo Clothing Page on our website.

FAQs - A little history:

• Annual Xmas Party/AGM. In 2014 Laura Gorham hosted for the 20th time. Before this, the evening was hosted in various locations - the Tennis Stadium, Saltus Grammar, President Terri Durrant’s home, and always started with a caroling walk. Until 2008, we still did a Caroling Walk before dinner – going through Triminghams singing Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer and Silent Night for the Police Station while some of our members skulked outside embarrassed, and the Supermart singing O Come. We even got a $50 tip one year from a restaurant (we had some really good singers with us that year- Clevelyn’s pals David and Cyril). The Caroling Walk has morphed into a Caroling session led by Laura at her house. Sadly, it seems too complicated to do the walk too, and even more sadly, too many stores like Trimingham’s gone, and many not opening late in the evening. Yes, Laura still makes you all wear Santa hats and ring bells and sing your hearts out! Then a short AGM, and best of all – great food!
• Juice Roster – The tradition of offering juice at the end of our walk was started by our first Vice President, Charlie Dauphin, in 1991. It made Charlie happy to provide juice and he did it every week all on his own. When he passed away (sadly, suddenly) the tradition, as well as the cost, fell to our president at the time – Terri Durrant. Doing it every week became a job and was not fun – so the officers got together and started the system we do today – a monthly juice roster paid for with Club funds. This was also when we started a membership fee, so that every member shares the cost of providing juice.
• Food – We are not health nuts – we just love to eat! And this Club does food so darn well! Most of our events are pot luck, and our members have never ceased to amaze with their culinary ability – or their willingness to pitch in with bringing plates/cups/cutlery or to ensure that the host is not the one doing the clean-up. We may say “We Walk for the Health of it!” but, really, our unofficial Motto is “We Walk to Eat!“
• One way Walk to Somerset Bridge and return by bus. This was started by our past President Terri Durrant in September as her birthday request, and has stayed on the calendar ever since.
• One way Walk to St. Georges, breakfast and bus back. This started as breakfast at Angelina’s, then Delaey Robinson hosted at Aunt Nea’s Inn, then E. Michael Jones hosted at Caffe Latte, and now Sweet Saak Bakery has been kind enough to open for us on Sunday morning for the past few years.
• Adventures: Admiralty House Caves and Blue Hole Park – We are not a sight-seeing club, but we enjoy the occasional special adventure with a tour of the caves and grottos if there is interest either pre or post walk.
• Press “Re-Set”: Our walks are a great way to press your personal weekly “re-set” button: a time to focus on health and well-being, to challenge fitness levels, to re-charge emotional batteries, to connect to our community, to slow down and appreciate the beauty of our island.